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When it comes to conduct marketing, recruiting, and sales through social media, our Facebook apps are effective components of campaigns. This allows customers and fans to involve, retain, and inspire.

RootConnect offers with its internal development AMS (= App Management System) a selection of exceptional apps. The special feature here: the integration of apps in Facebook fan pages takes place simple and automated (without our service) directly by the user (= Manager) of the respective fan page (more on this in the help).

About AMS

The AMS is the perfect tool when it comes to set up quickly and easily (without activating the advertising agency) creative apps. So users of fan pages who want to realize a campaign with a rather small budget can achieve professional results quickly.

Among the AMS apps are also useful standard apps like a contact form or an imprint, which we offer free of charge for one-time use.

How it's done

Click around in the left column thorough our facebook apps and choose your suitable app. Besides the basic information each live demo gives you detailed insight into the character and functionality of the selected app.

If you want to use an app on your facebook page, please click the button "Configure App." You can customize every app. Now have fun browsing through our apps!

The classic game to play online. The visitor stays longer at the fanpage, has fun and interacts with friends.

Start an action, which requires a predetermined number of users to achieve a specific goal.

The old puzzles can stay in the cellar with this interactive puzzle. You'll excite your fans.

Create your individual picture gallery with the help of our Image Gallery App. Fill it with your favourite pictures and get comments on them by your fans.

People who are not your fans are also able to contact you via this facebook application.

With our app you can protect yourself legally secure and display all necessary company information.